Live With Us 


1. Submit an application

Eligibility: 18+ with a dream and a guaranteed source of income to pay your rent!

2. Someone from our team will contact you.

Be prepared to share with us a little about you and your history. Don’t be worried, what you’ve been through or what you have done in the past.  It will not affect your acceptance.

3. If accepted, a move in date will be sent to you.

Tarshea I would have NEVER made it through if it was not for CBI/JAX and your Loving SPIRIT!!!!

I was so hurt and broken and mistrustful of people because of everything I was dealing with, but you just LOVED on me and ENCOURAGED me to stay FOCUSED and DETERMINED and FOCUSED on MYSELF and I did and I made it and I am still making it.

Thank you all so much! I have moved into my own place now. I know that I would’ve made it without you!!