Our Mission

The mission of Community Building Institute is to develop, preserve, and manage high quality affordable housing for low-income individuals. Through service enhanced property management and structured resident involvement, Community Building Institute contributes to the highest standards of human dignity and participation in our community.

Company History

For many years,  we had known that affordable housing was one of the most significant needs of many people in various communities.  As a result, Impact Deposit Corporation  set out  in  August  of 2020 during the pandemic to address the need for affordable housing. Our housing projects are located throughout Florida in Duval County and Miami-Dade County. The range of housing types includes service-enriched housing for low-income individuals as well as traditional affordable  single-family housing to assist formerly fostered youth which have aged out of state care. Today, Commumity Building Institute  actively oversees the management and operation of over three properties in Florida.